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Gina Jones is an entrepreneur, author and one of our nation’s leading Life Strategist in building our youth, a recognized authority on her paramount leadership . Coach Jones has empowered thousands through her products and programs. She is delivering one of the most profound and respected messages in America today, impacting the root of where real change  happens in our classrooms, gymnasiums, fields and family rooms.

Coach Jones has the uncanny ability to not only see what it takes for our youth to develop for success, but also to assure that the framework surrounding our youth is ironclad. She is an exspert in the field of mentoring and has an unwavering approach in validating community leadership roles and the power they share in developing  the lives of our future generations.

Coach has created a blueprint for leaders of the past, present and future to unite in messaging that is rooted in the leadership essecials of consisitency and accountbilty . She currently travels the country speaking and consulting with innovating leaders to build our next generation; aligning Partnerships with the sole purpose of  advance our next generation  in the areas of Athletics,  Arts and Academic’s.