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Gina Jones is an entrepreneur, author and one of our nation’s leading Life Strategist in building our youth, a recognized authority on her paramount leadership in impacting our communities. Coach Jones has empowered thousands through her life game programs. She is delivering one of the most profound and respected messages in America today, impacting the root where real change can happen in our classrooms, gymnasiums, fields and family rooms. 

Coach Jones is a tireless promoter of our youth. She has the uncanny ability to not only see what it takes for our youth to develop for success, but also to assure that the framework surrounding our youth is ironclad. The phrase, “It takes a village” is certainly true when it comes to assuring that our youth get ahead, especially in these times. 

When Gina was only in her 20's, she began to develop the process of a coherent and inspirational basketball system developing players aged 5-8 - specifically for the YMCA. Since then, Gina went on to create D.E.B.O, originally meaning "Defensive Energy Becomes Offense," and it evolved into developing a basketball as well as academic opportunity for the youth she shaped. To this day, it is a highly regarded youth development program. 

She later went on to assist parents, coaches, and communities in providing the tools and information to enhance children's lives by developing Life Game. Gina Jones’ true gift is in empowering community leaders to empower their youth. The common denominator of her program philosophy is that true developers of our youth have not changed – they are parents, teachers, and coaches. Coach Jones knows what is needed to succeed, her gift in validating and communicating effectively to students of all ages has identified her as one of Americas experts in the field of mentoring. 

A native of Chicago, Mrs. Jones lives with her husband of 26 years in Orlando, Florida. Together they raised two daughters, one an All American basketball player, and the other, a Big 10 basketball player. She currently travels the country speaking and consulting with innovative leaders in building our next generation; Aligning Partnerships that share in the purpose of  advancing of our youth in the areas of  Athletics,  Arts and Academic’s.