I believe Life Game has changed the way a lot of these kids see sports. Its not just about things they do on the floor but the things they do with each other in the community and that Its about accountability.
— Dave Hardman, Western Hills High School Coach
As a mom and advocate for higher education, the intimacy, the level of coaching, the spirit of excellent thats is administered and reminded throughout the time my daughter participated I can say it truly gets no better than that.
— Elyse Jenkins, Parent
Life Game taught me I can be anything. I can be a coach, a person who owns a bank, store or team. At first I thought I was nothing without basketball but now I don’t feel like that. Now I feel I do anything.
— LaSandra Casselberry, High School Junior
Many curriculums i’ve seen used in school cover aspects of what Life Game does but not nearly as all encompassing. Not many of them are able to tie it all together like Life Game does and especially as well as Life Game does.
— Andrew Parks, High School Psychologist