•  It takes a village for us to raise our youth in a positive and purposeful direction
  • . Authentically surrounding their life lesson with leaders that are prepared to demonstrate integrity.
  •  Life Game is the assistant coach for the architect and designers of our youth whom are;  Parent, Coaches and Teacher. 
  • Every child will  come across one of these leadership  roles in their life that will lead them left or right.  
  • Life Game is the innovators in providing the needed  Fortune 500 Training for their development.
  •  Together we will develop our future generations.
  • We are  pleased that you are invested  your financial resources in the one product that can truly make a  sizable impact in the work and that is each-other. 
  • We can and will   take ownership of our communities and the youth in which we lead their direction. 
  • No more pointing fingers. 
  • This is our Life Game and we own it.

Welcome to the team!

When people are the product, Life Game is the process. Thank you for joining our team in the solution. 

Please watch the video above to see the impact.

Life Game Inc. is a 501{c}{3} nonprofit organization
Tax ID 47-5017280

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