Youth "Own It" Community Camp- *Offered only during the summer.

The 2 day community camp offers your community a place to learn from professionals in developing their basketball skills but more importantly further their skills in the choices they are making off the court. We bring community parents, coaches and athletes to an environment where they’re leaving with one unified message. In addition, providing a follow up system to hold each participant accountable in owning their Life Game! (Please contact below for schedule and available dates)

Life Game “Own it” Camp Partnership- (available year around) 

We partner with existing camp facilitators in raising the value of their camp by providing their youth participants with the most dynamic messaging in the market today.  Aligned with a follow-up blueprint to establish consistency resulting in the development and growth of their participants. (Contact us today for details!)

“Own your CHA CHA" Assembly (available year around)

This assembly is focused on transitional groups, 8th grade and seniors. Life game team comes to your school or community and shares their message with dynamic, engaging and empowering methods. This messaging supplies your students with the tools to make good choices, form good habits and choose an attitude of success as they embrace the transitions of life. Contact us today for details!

Team Bootcamp-

 Unity! This team pre-season bootcamp is sport specific and aligned with the focus of embracing teamwork; team unity and team accountable for their off-court game.  This camp provides a platform for coaches to help develop the Life Skills their players need as well as a universal language they can use as they coach their team toward success! Contact us today to schedule!

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